Moyshe Sherizen is a native of Detroit Michigan. He lives and breaths Yiddish. His Yiddish fanaticism began in his youth, when he would spend Shabbos (The Sabbath) at his grandparent’s house. After hearing his grandparents talk to each other in Yiddish, Moyshe resolved to one day understand that mystifying language they spoke. When Moyshe helped out at the old folk’s home during his his teenage years, he learned some of his first Yiddish words.

After high school he pursued a degree in business information systems at the Michigan Jewish Institute. During this period, he also taught at a local Hebrew day school in the metro Detroit area. Through his teaching experiences Moyshe saw that he had a knack and a passion for teaching Jewish culture.

Two years later, he completed his degree and left Detroit, traveling to Israel to explore his Jewish roots and study Jewish culture hands on. While studying at Ner Yakkov in Jerusalem, he began to interact with the Yiddish speaking community, with a heavy focus on learning Yiddish, specifically the Polish dialect.

Moyshe then followed his heart and changed his major to a degree in Judaic Studies. He furthered his Yiddish studies in Jerusalem at the Beth Israel Institute; there he focused on the Lithuanian dialect. After a few years he developed his own innovative curriculum and began teaching Yiddish at the BII and other locations in Jerusalem.

Aside from teaching Yiddish Moyshe is the proud tate of three wonderful children (yes, he speaks to them in Yiddish.) Moyshe is also an accomplished musician and can be seen playing with different bands around Israel.

Currently Moyshe uses Skype to teach Yiddish to students all over the world. To schedule a free trial lesson with him  send him an e-mail Msherizen [at] gmail [dot] com .

See more at: http://yiddishacademy.com/learning-yiddish/#sthash.MtWPotef.dpuf

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