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Dear Moshe,

I want to give you tremendous thanks for publishing The Easy Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish”,  a lot of people look at it as a cute thing but in truth its something much needed I was always too bashful to ask the other folks how to pronounce words properly. your book gave me  confidence to finally start speaking like a mensch. Even though there are yiddish language books on the market they are not geared to “the everyday Joe” this is the first of its kind to the market and I’m sure hundreds of thousands will love it as much as I did. . I’m learning a sach yiddish from it and my chassidish neigbors   are under the impression that I’ve been hustling them till now telling them that I vaguely understood. The humor in the book is also very much appreciated , thank you again and I wish you all the best , Yossi Shwartzkoff, Brooklyn (of course)”

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The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish
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If you are so cool that you already have The Easy-Shmeezy Guide To Yiddish, or you’d prefer the smooth sounds of Yiddish audio– here are the Yiddish MP3s that go with the book… Listen to Moshe Sherizen shmooze on your Ipod! Hundreds of Yiddish words, phrases, and conversations! These mp3s should really cost a lot of money, but for you they’re only $6.95. This might be the best deal you’ll ever get in your life!

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