Ways to Give

Do you want to honor a loved one?

Would you like to do a big mitzvah?

What better way than helping The Easy-Shmeezy Foundation!

You’ll feel honored knowing that because of you, more people are connecting to their heritage.

The Easy-Shmeezy Foundation was established with the focus on bringing the beauty of Semitic Languages and culture to Jews worldwide.

Why should I give to The Easy-Shmeezy Foundation?

Your generosity — and that of other friends who understand and believe in our mission — enables us to address unprecedented educational challenges, safeguard and enhance Semitic Language study, enrich culture, and advance the frontiers of knowledge. The Easy-Shmeezy Foundation’s achievements are your achievements.

Where to Give

All gifts, great or small, make a difference. Annual gifts allow The Easy-Shmeezy Foundation to react to immediate priorities or to assist in accomplishing their strategic objectives. Your gift today can impact research, financial aid or future publications.



To mail a gift or pledge, please mail it, along with your credit card information or check, to:

Easy-Shmeezy Foundation

25520 Gardner

Oak Park Mi 48237

Please make your check payable to The Easy-Shmeezy Foundation

For more information or to learn more about dedication opportunities please contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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